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Our alliance schools are engaged in research projects tailored to their own school contexts which also look to have a wider, national impact.

At St. John Fisher the research focus is upon independent learning, drawing upon BERA papers in order to conduct an action research project which the school research group aims to publish.  Additionally, a number of the research group are also engaged in Masters Accreditation for their work through a partnership with Leeds Trinity University.

St. Aidan’s current research focus as part of the RISE project (coordinated by the Educational Endowment Foundation, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University, the Institute for Education at London University and the Department for Education) is on improving student outcomes in English and Maths.

Our research work is evolving and growing, and will become increasingly collaborative.  If you are interested in the research work of either of our hub schools, please contact them for further information via our Contact page.

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